Wellness Initiative

The Wellness Initiative by the GPII Foundation stands as a pioneering program dedicated to fostering year-round physical, mental, and educational well-being in minority communities within the Bay Area. In collaboration with esteemed partners Mobilize Love and UCSF, our foundation is resolute in addressing the distinctive needs of these communities. We provide comprehensive and accessible wellness services while also offering educational resources and on-site dyslexia screenings to families. Our mission is to empower individuals with dyslexia and their families, equipping them with the knowledge to recognize signs and access resources for their children’s success both in and outside of school. Through strategic partnerships, we endeavor to magnify the impact of our initiatives, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, has the necessary resources and support to thrive. Email us at for information on the whereabouts of our wellness truck!

GPII EduConnect Education Initiative

The GPII EduConnect Education Initiative is a transformative program committed to providing year-round training for both children and adults. In collaboration with multiple community outreach organizations, we aim to empower individuals with dyslexia through targeted educational interventions. Our initiative encompasses a dynamic array of seminars and workshops on dyslexia-related topics, fostering awareness and understanding within communities. Through strategic partnerships, we ensure that resources and support are readily available, contributing to the holistic development of those affected by dyslexia. By offering comprehensive training sessions, we aspire to create an inclusive and informed society, breaking down barriers to education and enabling individuals to reach their full potential. To attend a workshop, please visit our ‘upcoming events’ tab.

Equalize The Odds Initiative

The GPII Foundation’s “Equalize the Odds” initiative is a year-round commitment dedicated to creating a fair and supportive environment for individuals with dyslexia. Our mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their neurodiversity, has equal opportunities and access to the resources needed to thrive. By fostering inclusivity and understanding, we seek to level the playing field and eliminate barriers that individuals with dyslexia may face. This initiative extends its support to the entire family, recognizing that a holistic approach is essential for fostering an environment where every member can flourish. Join us in our unwavering commitment to equalizing the odds and building a world where everyone, regardless of their learning differences, can reach their full potential. To attend our youth basketball camp or other events under this initiative, please visit our ‘upcoming events’ tab.